Thursday, September 11, 2014

#TBT with OPI My Private Jet (the "Dud" Version)

Hey all!

Just a quick #TBT with OPI's My Private Jet. I  never did own this one in its non-dud version, but I think the dud is pretty exceptional itself.  It's understated yet still has that special something to keep it interesting. To me, the holo is pretty subdued and quite similar to the one you see in OPI DS Classic.

OPI My Private Jet Nail Polish
OPI My Private Jet Nail Polish
Pretty, ain't she?  I wonder why this was never a DS shade, honestly.  The formula is a perfect two-coater that also happens to be a great bridge to those autumn colors I think we all are craving!

What are your favorite summer to fall transition shades?

*OPI is cruelty-free, but Coty, its parent company, is not.


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