Sunday, September 14, 2014

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Swatches

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My parents were in town, so I decided to delight them with the wonder that is the Christmas Tree Shops. (Man, I hate the built-in plural of that name.) While I was there, I came across Color Club's Seven Deadly Sins collection. There were eight beautiful polishes in the display for $7.79 each. I had read of a Color Club price hike, and these were definitely a lot more expensive than the core collection which still costs about four bucks and some change. After I got them home and tried them on, I saw that these are textured polishes, which I suspected from the bottles and display. I really hate that some brands don't clearly indicate a textured polish, but I still ended up liking these and find myself inspired to try more!
Color Club Seven Deadly Sins

Read on for more pics and reviews!

First, we have Dirty Money, a textured gold that doesn't lean too warm, if that's a concern for you. This was a very thick formula, so much so that more than one coat definitely would have been lumpy weird overkill. It's so beautifully sparkly when topcoated! I prefer it that way as I do with almost all textures (two coats of Gelous followed by a layer of Seche Vite). It adds depth and eliminates that scratchy sandpaper feel that I just can't seem to tolerate.

DH's color description: "Goldschlager flecks" (alone) / "gold car model paint" (topcoated)

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Dirty Money
Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Dirty Money Topcoat
With Topcoat

Next up is Friends with Benefits. When I picked it up in store, it looked like an icy mauve. I got a second opinion on the color; i.e., "Does this look pink or purple to you?" I would not have bought it if I had realized it is indeed an icy lilac. If you're a purple lover, go for it! Again, a one-coat wonder.

DH's color description: "fish skin" (alone) / "coral cruds" (topcoated)

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Friends with Benefits
Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Friends with Benefits Topcoat
With Topcoat
 Fierce is another great shade, a beautiful textured plum with coppery orange sparkles throughout. This one could take two thin coats or one thick coat, depending on your preference. Fierce is the clear favorite of the bunch for me. When you add a shiny topcoat, it is pure freakin' magic.

DH's color description: "purple sandpaper" (alone) / "a chair in an old diner" (topcoated)

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Fierce
Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Fierce Topcoat
With Topcoat
 And here's a bonus picture because it is so very mesmerizing!

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Fierce Topcoat

The final polish is Indulge Me, a pumpkiny spicy fall-in-a-bottle shade. It's copper with tiny bits of pink and green in the mix. This is such an interesting color combination. No problems with application; another one-coat wonder here.

DH's color description: "Halloween decorations, like candles and candle holders" (alone) / "shiny pennies" (topcoated)

Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Indulge Me
Color Club Seven Deadly Sins Indulge Me Topcoat
With Topcoat
Overall, I really liked this collection! Even though textures do  drive me a little batty, I wore one of them for a full day without topcoat, so I guess it's not too bad. What do you guys think? Are you still into the textured trend?

Check out the other four colors in this collection here!

*Color Club is cruelty-free.

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