Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sally Hansen Color Foil in 440 Titanium Flush

Hey everyone,

Let me just tell you I am super pumped about the Color Foils.  Yes, I'm a little late to this party, but I bought them back in May, swatched them, and thought, "Wow, what an abysmal mess."  Chromey finishes are really tricky to apply.  The ladies on Makeupalley Nail Board gave some great tips for application though, and this is the result:

Sally Hansen Color Foil 440 Titanium Flush Chrome Nail Polish
Sally Hansen Color Foil 440 Titanium Flush

BE STILL, MY BEATING HEART! (Yes, I am yelling that... and btw, the accent nail is Orly FX Silver Pixel.)

So here are the reasons I initially hated the Color Foils and how to fix it:

1) The color goes on this weird magenta and silver.  I mean, two different colors are sitting there on your nail, and it's nothing like the color of the bottle.  **REMEDY - Shake the bottle like you've never shaken a bottle before.  Normally this is an awful bubble-producing idea, but not with these chromes.  I swatched mine on a piece of paper to make sure the color was uniform before I applied to the nail.

2) The color just doesn't go on smoothly... Every little ridge in your nail becomes super prominent, and that is ugly.  **REMEDY - Apply over an existing manicure.  Or get some ridge filler and top coat on there first.

3) Patchy baldness... Ugh.  **REMEDY - I apply this one like I apply Seche Vite.  I get a generous amount on the brush (more than I normally do but not so much that you're flooding then nail) and float it over the top of the nail... and quickly.  It turns out less brush-strokey this way, and once it dries, it will look nice and smooth.

4) Top coat uncertainty.  Should I use one at all?  **REMEDY - Honestly, I don't think it much matters.  I applied above with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat only to make sure it was totally dry before I went to bed.  I didn't do this immediately, though, and it seemed to dry pretty quickly on its own, and I don't think the top coat made a difference in the appearance.  So basically, that part is up to you!

Now that I have it on, I find myself wishing I bought more than the three that I did.  I will note that I do have a small chip this morning.  I get the impression that the wear time on these is similar to that of magnetic polishes; i.e., not quite as long as the usual polish.  It's so darn pretty that I don't care, though.  Seriously.  I have been looking at my nails constantly because the effect is that cool.

What do you guys think?  Are there any other chromes that you like? (seeing as how I will need to feed this new addiction :/)

*Sally Hansen is cruelty free according to their statement.  Coty, their parent company, is not.

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