Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Orly Nite Owl

Hey all,

Last week, I decided to pull out Orly Nite Owl, an untried for me.  I picked it up as the third polish of a buy two get two free sale at Sally figuring it was a nice taupey neutral with an interesting silver shimmer.  It went on easily and did not disappoint!

Orly Nite Owl Nail Polish
Orly Nite Owl in shade and sun

Ok, someday I will get better at consistent hand posing.  But isn't it pretty?  And perhaps because both "Orly" and "owl" are involved in the name of the polish, the O RLY? meme instantly springs to mind.

What are your favorite neutrals-with-a-twist?

*Orly is cruelty free.

 What are some of your favorite neutrals with a twist?

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