Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Naild It Light Show

Ok, so I'm about to do something that might be super mean.

This is an old Naild It polish.  I know this because this is label 2.0 (or maybe more?), and I know there's at least one more recent version.  I searched online, and I don't see that this one is available any longer.  So, if you like this one and wish to purchase it, I'm really sorry.

Now on to the polish!  It's a really dense silver holographic microglitter with blue, orange, pink, flourescent yellow, and black pieces of larger glitter.  The black glitter is long bar glitter and diamonds, but not a lot comes out on the nail.  It almost looks a little lavender-ish, but I generally dislike purple, so that can't be right, can it?  Because I do like this polish!  It took four coats for the opacity shown in the photos followed by two coats of Gelous and one of Seche Vite.

Naild It Light Show
Naild It Light Show, shade and sun
I love this one!  It was just what I needed... a soft, summery shade with a little sparkle and excitement.  I have a lot of polishes from this brand, and most are untried.  You can purchase them here if you're interested!

How 'bout you?  Have you tried out the brand?

*Naild It is cruelty free.

Orly FX Intergalactic Space + Sally Hansen Color Foil Rose Copper

Hi, everyone!

I've been on a bit of an Orly kick lately, and I wanted to show you Orly FX Intergalactic Space.  It's a black jelly with small purple and copper glitter, larger round white glitter, and a blue microshimmer throughout.  There's so much of the blue shimmer that to me it reads navy blue on the nail.  It's a really pretty effect, although for me the white glitter hid inside the bottle.  I don't think I got any of it on my nails.  The formula was a little thick, but it can always be thinned if that's a bother.  I used four coats, two coats of Gelous to smooth, and a coat of Seche Vite to give it a nice shine.

I also used Sally Hansen Color Foil in Rose Copper because I am in love with all the Color Foils!  This is no exception.  It looks a little more gold in some lighting than rose copper, but I don't care.  It's amazing all the same.  And here are the pics!

Orly Intergalactic Space and Sally Hansen Color Foil Rose Copper Nail Polish
Orly Intergalactic Space + Sally Hansen Color Foil Rose Copper, shade and sun
I have loved all the Orly FX polishes that I have tried so far, and I've managed to get the majority of them on clearance at Sally.  Am I alone in this opinion?  They are fantastic!

Which are your favorite Orly polishes?  I need to prepare for the next time they go on sale at Sally!

*Orly is cruelty free.

Orly Nite Owl

Hey all,

Last week, I decided to pull out Orly Nite Owl, an untried for me.  I picked it up as the third polish of a buy two get two free sale at Sally figuring it was a nice taupey neutral with an interesting silver shimmer.  It went on easily and did not disappoint!

Orly Nite Owl Nail Polish
Orly Nite Owl in shade and sun

Ok, someday I will get better at consistent hand posing.  But isn't it pretty?  And perhaps because both "Orly" and "owl" are involved in the name of the polish, the O RLY? meme instantly springs to mind.

What are your favorite neutrals-with-a-twist?

*Orly is cruelty free.

 What are some of your favorite neutrals with a twist?

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sally Hansen Color Foil in 440 Titanium Flush

Hey everyone,

Let me just tell you I am super pumped about the Color Foils.  Yes, I'm a little late to this party, but I bought them back in May, swatched them, and thought, "Wow, what an abysmal mess."  Chromey finishes are really tricky to apply.  The ladies on Makeupalley Nail Board gave some great tips for application though, and this is the result:

Sally Hansen Color Foil 440 Titanium Flush Chrome Nail Polish
Sally Hansen Color Foil 440 Titanium Flush

BE STILL, MY BEATING HEART! (Yes, I am yelling that... and btw, the accent nail is Orly FX Silver Pixel.)

So here are the reasons I initially hated the Color Foils and how to fix it:

1) The color goes on this weird magenta and silver.  I mean, two different colors are sitting there on your nail, and it's nothing like the color of the bottle.  **REMEDY - Shake the bottle like you've never shaken a bottle before.  Normally this is an awful bubble-producing idea, but not with these chromes.  I swatched mine on a piece of paper to make sure the color was uniform before I applied to the nail.

2) The color just doesn't go on smoothly... Every little ridge in your nail becomes super prominent, and that is ugly.  **REMEDY - Apply over an existing manicure.  Or get some ridge filler and top coat on there first.

3) Patchy baldness... Ugh.  **REMEDY - I apply this one like I apply Seche Vite.  I get a generous amount on the brush (more than I normally do but not so much that you're flooding then nail) and float it over the top of the nail... and quickly.  It turns out less brush-strokey this way, and once it dries, it will look nice and smooth.

4) Top coat uncertainty.  Should I use one at all?  **REMEDY - Honestly, I don't think it much matters.  I applied above with a coat of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat only to make sure it was totally dry before I went to bed.  I didn't do this immediately, though, and it seemed to dry pretty quickly on its own, and I don't think the top coat made a difference in the appearance.  So basically, that part is up to you!

Now that I have it on, I find myself wishing I bought more than the three that I did.  I will note that I do have a small chip this morning.  I get the impression that the wear time on these is similar to that of magnetic polishes; i.e., not quite as long as the usual polish.  It's so darn pretty that I don't care, though.  Seriously.  I have been looking at my nails constantly because the effect is that cool.

What do you guys think?  Are there any other chromes that you like? (seeing as how I will need to feed this new addiction :/)

*Sally Hansen is cruelty free according to their statement.  Coty, their parent company, is not.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Zoya Dot, Orly FX Silver Pixel, and China Glaze Fairy Dust

Hi all,

Last night I was in the mood for pale pink but wanted to add some pizazz.  I decided to add Orly FX Silver Pixel (also seen in my recent 4th of July mani) because it is such an easy and amazing two coater.  I have no idea why I was able to get it on clearance plus 50% off at Sally.  Then I added some Fairy Dust because Fairy Dust. #fairydustallthethings

Zoya Dot Orly FX Silver Pixel China Glaze Fairy Dust Nail Polish NOTD
Zoya Dot + Orly Silver Pixel + China Glaze Fairy Dust
Zoya Dot is a great pale pink... Definitely an office appropriate color and downright cute besides.  It's shown with three coats above plus three coats fairy dust... Is that excessive?  No. (See supra #fairydustallthethings). 

What are your favorite color combos?  And which accent fingers?  These are things that are at times beyond my creativity level.

*Zoya, Orly, and China Glaze are cruelty free.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

OPI Designer Series DS Classic

Hey everyone,

Today I've got OPI DS Classic to show you!  This is actually the first DS I've ever worn, although not the first I've ever purchased.  The first was probably in 2011 when I bought one while traveling (don't remember which one anymore).  Somehow this polish made it into a sock in my suitcase and never made it out.  Vanished off the face of the earth.  I don't know how this stuff happens because I always thought matter could not be destroyed... although a physicist family member pointed out that it can be destroyed by antimatter.  So perhaps there is an anti-DS polish that somehow collided with my DS polish in transit.  This is the only reasonable explanation that I can muster.

ANYWAY.  Here's some pics:

OPI Designer Series DS Classic Holographic Nail Polish
L to R: OPI DS Classic sun, shade
This is a scattered holographic polish, but this one really isn't a strong holo at all.  I took some more pics to try to get it to show up, and this is the best I could do:

OPI Designer Series DS Classic Holographic Nail Polish
OPI DS Classic Holographic Properties
Although not the clearest photo, you can see some of those rainbow particles.  I think this is pretty true to life, too, as it's a pretty subtle scattered holo.

What are your favorite DS polishes?  I'm thinking of expanding my collection...

*OPI is cruelty free.  Coty, its parent company, is not.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dollish Polish The Koopa King + OPI Germanicure

Hey all,

Here's an oldie but a goodie... Dollish Polish The Koopa King layered over OPI Germanicure.  I think this is one of my favorite manis I've done in my whole history of polish obsession.  For some reason I haven't recreated it, but it probably has something to do with the shameful number of untrieds living in my Melmers.

Dollish Polish The Koopa King over OPI Germanicure

I feel like we've been entrenched in summer forever, even though I know it technically only started a couple weeks ago.  I miss the cooler fall weather and the awesome polishes that it seems to beget.  This is definitely one of my favorite fall color combos.  What are yours?

*Dollish Polish is cruelty free.  OPI is cruelty free, but Coty, its parent company, is not.

Monday, July 7, 2014

OPI Mustang: Angel with a Lead Foot

Hi, everyone,

I was excited to get my hands on a few of the colors from OPI Mustang 2014, especially because of all the hype about Angel with a Lead Foot being the holy grail white creme formula!  As we all know, whites are some of the trickiest polishes.  Unfortunately, I can't say that this polish completely lived up to the hype.  For me, it went on streaky and needed four coats to even out.  Not that this is particularly horrible as my other whites are the same, but I had been expecting a little bit more ease of application.  Still, it's a nice white creme.

OPI Mustang 2014 Angel with a Lead Foot
OPI Mustang 2014: Angel with a Lead Foot

What do you think of this one?  Did you pick up any other colors from the Mustang collection?

*OPI is cruelty free, but Coty, its parent company, is not.

Girly Bits Love Ya Beach! + Orly Jealous Much?

Hey all,

I took advantage of the Sally sale on Orly last month to pick up Orly Jealous Much?  It's such a beautiful green, but I wanted to add some punch and decided to try my very first glitter gradient.  I grabbed Girly Bits Love Ya Beach! from the Llarowe's June A Box Indied.  Here's how it came out:

Girly Bits Love Ya Beach over Orly Jealous Much Glitter Gradient Nail Art
Girly Bits Love Ya Beach! over Orly Jealous Much?
I'm not sure why I waited so long to try this out.  I liked the result, and it wasn't hard to do at all.

Whatcha think?

*Girly Bits and Orly are cruelty free.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Independence Day Mani!

Happy early 4th of July, everyone!

Here's what I did for the Independence Day holiday this year... Nothing too fancy, but I like the way it turned out.  Index and middle are Hare A Positive, Ring is Orly FX Silver Pixel, and pinky (and thumb) are Colors by Llarowe Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 

Independence Day Mani 4th Fourth of July Hare A Positive Orly Silver Pixel Colors by Llarowe Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Hare A Positive, Orly Silver Pixel, and Colors by Llarowe Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
From L to R: sun, shade
Hare A Positive is one of my favorite polishes that I own.  The others were untried, but they both really wowed me!  Orly Silver Pixel went on so easily and densely.  Colors by Llarowe Twinkle Twinkle Little Star was the same.  I usually don't like blues on me, but with all the hubbub of this one being a dupe for the elusive Essie Starry Starry Night, I gave in to the hype.  I'm very glad I did!

Have a great holiday!!

*Hare, Orly, and Colors by Llarowe are cruelty free.

China Glaze Fall 2014: The Giver Collection

Hey everyone!

I'm in a pinch for time but wanted to get these swatches up on the site because I've heard some buzz about the collection recently.  It's the China Glaze The Giver collection, which is based on the book by the same name by Lois Lowry.  I have not read the book, so I'm sure there's some fun references I'm just not getting with the names of these polishes!

First, here's the bottle shots.  From left to right, we have History of the World, The Outer Edge, Community, and Boundary of Memory.

China Glaze The Giver History of the World The Outer Edge Community Boundary of Memory
China Glaze The Giver Collection Bottle Shots
L to R: History of the World, The Outer Edge, Community, Boundary of Memory

And now on to the polishes!!!  The first is History of the World.  It's kind of a blurple creme which to me leans a bit more blue than purple.  No issues at all with application.  It's a nice two coater.

China Glaze Fall 2014 The Giver History of the World
China Glaze The Giver History of the World
Next we have The Outer Edge, a nice little matte white glitter with tiny silver glitters throughout.  This is three coats plus two coats Gelous topped with Seche Vite.  I think this one is very well suited as a topper as it's not super opaque on its own.

China Glaze Fall 2014 The Giver The Outer Edge
 China Glaze The Giver The Outer Edge
When I picked up the bottle, it really reminded me of Crows Toes Bunny Slope.  Here's a comparison over OPI Angel with a Lead Foot.  Bunny Slope is on pointer and ring, and The Outer Edge is middle and pinky.

China Glaze The Giver The Outer Edge vs. Crows Toes Bunny Slope

As you can see, The Outer Edge has smaller, sparser glitter and has a more delicate overall appearance.  I will still plan on trying this over some other colors to see a litte contrast in the finished product.  I do think this would be nice over a white jelly for a really pretty wintery look.

The next one is Community.  It's kind of a burnt sienna colored creme.  This one was still pretty streaky after two coats, so I went ahead and put on a third to even it out.  I'm NC 10-ish for reference... Not sure if this is the best color for me, but I bet it would be beautiful on certain skin tones.

China Glaze Fall 2014 The Giver Community
China Glaze The Giver Community

Finally, there's Boundary of Memory, my favorite of the four I purchased.  This one is a really dense glitter with very small silver, gold, black, and copper glitters.  Really pretty!  It reminds me of a sparkly tree.  I don't have any other polishes like this one.  It was opaque in two coats, but I threw on a third to make it really pop.  It's shown below with two coats of Gelous plus Seche Vite.

China Glaze Fall 2014 The Giver Boundary of Memory
China Glaze The Giver Boundary of Memory

From what I understand, there are actually 12 colors in this collection.  I picked mine up at Sally yesterday, but they only had six of the colors out.  There was a red and another one I'm totally blanking on... Must not have been that interesting I guess.  I'm not sure why they were out so early because from what I've read, the release date of the collection is August 2014.

What do you think?  Will you be picking any of these up?

*China Glaze is cruelty free.