Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pixi Lime Lustre

Hi all!

Been on a mini-hiatus visiting family.  I've been painting my nails in the meantime, but wow, have I been dealing with a LOT of breaks.  I picked up some Duri Rejuvacote as something new to try, and strangely/luckily, it rang up as $3.95.  Pretty sure it's supposed to run $8-$9?  But I'm not complaining.

I did manage to get my hands on Pixi Lime Lustre.  I've been hearing so much about what a unique shade this is, and that's definitely true.  It's a nice pastel lime green with gold shimmer throughout.  I did have a nightmarish time with application, however.  The first two coats went on super streaky, and the third one to smooth it out seemed to be a bit overboard as far as opacity.  I have the same type of trouble with Illamasqua, so this might just be a problem I have personally.  I think I have a hypersensitivity to any possibility of lobster hands, and this one triggered my possibly unfounded concern maybe a little bit... Pastel greens can be hard to pull off for this reason.

Without further adieu, here's the pics!

Pixi Lime Lustre Nail Polish
From L to R: sunlight, shade
Whatcha'll think? (Now I'm just making up words.)

*Pixi is cruelty free.

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