Thursday, June 12, 2014

Glitter Gal Suede

Hey all,

I finally got around to wearing Glitter Gal Suede.  I have had this polish for probably two years now without trying it.  I generally don't wear a ton of holographic polishes because, to be honest, I hate the sun.  It really doesn't make as much sense for an outside-loathing person to wear holos.  This day, however, I knew I would be spending most of it outdoors and decided to make the best of it.

This is a nice neutral medium chocolatey-with-some-mauvey type color.  Yeah.  Why don't I just let the pics speak for themselves?

Glitter Gal Australia Suede Holographic Nail Polish
From L to R: shade, sunlight
Wow, doesn't that first picture in the shade make you just wanna lick it?  Or maybe (probably) that's just me.  Anyway, this went on smoothly, and three coats provided the desired opacity.  It's not the strongest holo I've ever seen, but boy, is this pretty!  I have so many polishes that it's rare for me to wear one twice, but this is definitely in the queue for that honor.  It makes me want to buy some of their other colors!  I really love this polish.
What do you think of the Glitter Gal holos?

*Glitter Gal is vegan and cruelty free.

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