Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Hi, everybody,

Today I've got some Hare spam for ya.  These are all a little bit older when Nikole was using the older packaging (bottle + sticker instead of custom bottle).  These colors are all still available, though, so there should be no inappropriate nail polish teasing in this post.

Here we go!

First up, Hare Asteroid Turf from the Spring 2012 Planet Springtime collection, a green jelly with round magenta glitter.  To me, this is the polish that I think of when I think of Hare for some reason.  (Side note: I actually also picked up what looks to be a pretty close dupe of this from Korean brand Modi.  I hope to compare the two side by side someday soon.)

Hare Asteroid Turf Nail Polish
Hare Asteroid Turf
Next is Hare Cast in Bronze.  This was part of the fall 2012 Finders Keepers Glitter Collection. This shade is a purple/mauve-ish/taupe-ish jelly with different sizes of copper glitter in both hexes and squares, fuchsia microglitter, and delicate gold flecks.

Hare Cast in Bronze Nail Polish Finders Keepers Glitter Collection Fall 2012
Hare Cast in Bronze
This one's Cosmo Blossoms, another classic Hare color from the Planet Springtime Collection.  This one is a dusty lavender with green glitter:

Hare Cosmo Blossoms Nail Polish Springtime Collection
Hare Cosmo Blossoms
And now the beautiful Reverie in Rubellite (on my little seen left hand).  It's a burgundy/berry jelly with orange hexes in two sizes and pink microglitter from the Fall '12 Finders Keepers collection.  I don't wear a ton of red shades, but this one is so gorgeous.  Definitely a compliment getter!

Hare Reverie in Rubellite Nail Polish Finders Keepers Fall 2012 Collection
Hare Reverie in Rubellite
Finally, I have The Sky Was Pink, one of the few colors that I have worn multiple times (another left hand photo!).  It's from the Where's Summer, B? collection and definitely one of my all-time favorite polishes.  This is one I can go to when I find myself in a polish rut and know I'll be happy with the cheery pink color.  It seems to last a little longer than the other Hare polishes, too, for some reason.

Hare The Sky Was Pink Where's Summer B? Collection Nail Polish
Hare The Sky Was Pink
All of these Hare polishes are four coats on their own, a couple coats of Gelous, and a quick dry top coat.  Hares are pretty thick relative to other polishes and definitely need some layering for opacity.  I know a lot like to use a base color with this to avoid applying so many coats, but I like the depth that the layering tends to give with these polishes.

Which are your favorites from Hare?

*Hare Polish is cruelty free.

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