Saturday, April 12, 2014

Emily de Molly: Speckled Pig, Milky Way, When Planets Collide, and A Black and White Love Affair

Hi everybody!  My last mani is still going strong but did sustain a chip today, so off with its head tomorrow.  But for now, here's a throwback to my 2012 Emily de Molly haul.  At that time, I purchased from Etsy, and Ms Hayley sent me the polish via seamail.  It took four months, but I am all about doing things legally (she is located in Australia, and it is not permitted to ship hazmat via airmail from there).  Plus it was definitely worth the wait for some fun polishes.  I looked at her Etsy shop tonight, and it appears that she only ships within Australia now, but her polishes can be found through other retailers around the web.  Links will follow at the end of this post if you're interested in purchasing some.

First, Speckled Pig described by Hayley as a black glitter in a pink base.  Please pardon the poor little bottle.  It sustained some damage on its journey over the sea to Japan, and I hadn't cleaned it up when I took the pic (I was just excited to get it on my nails!).  I contacted Hayley about it just as a heads up for her to modify her packaging if she saw fit, and she offered to replace the bottle.  In my opinion, that wasn't necessary, but it is a testament to good customer service.  Formula was nice.  Three coats here that went on without any problem.  As you can see here, there is some squishy VNL goodness.

Emily de Molly Speckled Pig

Next up, Milky Way, described as a pink and green glitter in a grey jelly base.  This one is very, very sheer, so I sandwiched it with China Glaze Elephant Walk to give it some opacity.  Again, no problems with the formula.  If you want to wear this quite sheer, you could definitely wear it on its own.

Emily de Molly Milky Way over China Glaze Elephant Walk

Third, we've got When Planets Collide, a "bright blue glitter in black jelly base."  As you can see, though, there is also red glitter and another holographic type glitter that seems to reflect mostly green.  I wanted to wear this one on its own, but next time, I think I will try it out over an opaque black.  You can see how sheer it is after four coats. Sorry for the shrinkage.  This one did not play nice with my Sally Hansen Insta-Dri.

Emily de Molly When Planets Collide

And finally, here's A Black and White Love Affair, described as a black and white glitter.  This to me is a clear dupe for Lynnderella Sticks and Stones which was so crazy popular a few years back.  I layered it over a pink to get myself festive for a baby shower.  No problems with the formula.  This color is probably quite easily duped these days, but the long bar and square glitter adds a little punch.  I think next time, I will make a nice jelly sandwich with this one.

Emily de Molly A Black and White Love Affair

Emily de Molly polishes are 5 free and cruelty free.  Outside of Australia, you can find them at:

Thanks for looking!

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