Sunday, April 6, 2014

Daiso Holographics 3 and 7

Happy Sunday, fellow nail polish aficionados!  It has been a slow week for nail polish because it's been a busy week overall.  I'm actually still wearing Jindie Nails Betty's Fetti Milkshake from the last post; didn't I tell you it wears like iron??  So here's a throwback to a couple of my Daiso holographic polishes.  In case you don't know, Daiso is Japan's version of a dollar store (and far superior to its US counterparts might I add; they recently opened some stores in CA from what I understand).  I purchased nine of the ten of these polishes in January 2011.  I actually ended up purging all but two before returning to the US because although they are quite pretty, they required many coats and just didn't make the cut for limited nail polish space in transit.  So without further delay, here are the holos!

Daiso Rainbow Holographic 3
Daiso holographic 3
Daiso Rainbow Holographic 7
Daiso holographic 7
Like I said, the formula on these is a bit thin and requires a lot of coats in order to reach the opacity I like.  But if you're willing to put in the time, they are actually a quite pretty holo!  3 seems to be more of a linear holo while 7 is more scattered.  One of my favorite things about living abroad was dabbling in their beauty brands, but the downside was not being able to read ingredients, labels, etc. to know what you're getting into.  Fortunately, a lot of packaging is still in English or at least is easy to decipher with my basic Japanese skills.  What do you guys think?

*Please note that I do not have information on whether these polishes are cruelty free.  Like I mentioned above, it's hard to find info for the more obscure Japanese products (these being one of those).  I assume that most Asian brands are probably tested on animals, but I also know that some are not.  I will note that I made these purchases before deciding to go cruelty free at the end of last year.  I definitely don't want to promote brands that make use of animal testing, but in this case, I simply don't have the info.  Given that these were limited edition in Japan several years ago, that consideration is really not in play here anyway.  But again, I just have no idea of the cruelty free status.  If anyone has this information, please leave it in the comments or message me!

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