Saturday, March 22, 2014

Illamasqua Loella + Sally Hansen Triple Shine Blow Bubbles

Illamasqua Loella is a nice break for me from textures and glitterbombs while still managing to be an interesting shade.  That's one of the reasons I love Illamasqua.  Loella is described as "bright candy pink, glossy finish."  There is a great blue microshimmer lurking in that bottle, too.  I was really hoping it would translate to the nail, but it really only came out a bit in very direct sunlight.  Although I love Illamasqua's unique color line, I always have trouble with application, and this was no exception.  It went on streaky and patchy for me (maybe I should wait a little longer than I normally do between coats), but it's still worth the extra work!

Illamasqua Loella 
Illamasqua Loella (direct sunlight)

Illamasqua Loella
Illamasqua Loella (outdoors in shade)
Illamasqua Loella
Illamasqua Loella (indoors, no lights... you can kinda see that shimmer peeking out!)
Illamasqua Loella
Illamasqua Loella (under ott light, microshimmer goodness!)
And just for fun after chipping one of my nails trying to pry open my car key to put in a new battery, I decided to top with Sally Hansen Triple Shine Blow Bubbles.  It's definitely not opaque enough to wear on its own, so I figure I'll reserve this one for layering.

Illamasqua Loella Sally Hansen Triple Shine Blow Bubbles
Sally Hansen Triple Shine in Blow Bubbles (direct sunlight)
*Illamasqua is cruelty free according to their statement.
*Sally Hansen is cruelty free according to their statement, but their parent company, Coty, is not.  If you are aware of any reliable information that Sally Hansen conducts animal testing, please post it in the comments!  I have read a lot of rumors online that directly contradict the Sally Hansen animal testing statement.

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