Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chifure Nail Enamel 115

Despite my parrot chipping my nail polish last night with an unceremonious chomp, I was not able to paint my nails today.  So here's an oldie but a goodie from Japan.  It's a beautiful jelly/water finish (which one probably depends on the beholder).  It's extremely sheer, but color payoff can be built up with each coat.  I probably did five or six coats to achieve the level of opacity depicted in the picture.  I love it!  I can't believe I waited YEARS to buy this polish.  I walked by it at the grocery store all the time.  I'm so glad I did before I left Japan, especially so with all the jelly finishes out this spring; e.g., OPI Sheer Tints, which I hope to review soon, and Sally Hansen Palm Beach Jellies, which I haven't seen quite yet.

Chifure Nail Enamel 115 Japanese Polish
Chifure Nail Enamel 115

What jellies do you have and love?  Do you plan on picking up some new ones this spring?

*To the best of my knowledge, Chifure is cruelty free.  I am basing that off this website (warning: graphic video about animal testing).  My Japanese language skills are not such that I can search the web for this, so this is pretty much the only info I have to go on.  If you have any info to the contrary, please leave it in the comments!

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